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​また、私達はレッスンにリミットを設けておりません。できる範囲内で学習するのではなく、子供達が出来るところまで導き、子供達の 可能性を信じて進めていきます!




Hiratsuka International School (H.I.S) was established in 2013. Our school is located in the city of Hiratsuka where beautiful sceneries can be found such as beach, rivers, and mountains.
The teaching academic content in H.I.S is based on Bilingual Education Method which enables each child to be proud of his/her own identity and to respect Japanse culture and values while honing oneself in English. The school believes that even toddlers can speak and use second language in communication with the help of this method.

We "do not" learn English, we learn in English. I've been working in educational field for a long time. I was amazed that children are flexible in learning. Children are able to learn second language even at very young age. The child who is enrolled in H.I.S has the chance to teach you English one day.

This wold is an amazing place and as well as Japan. The school hopes that we will be the first in showing how wonderful the world is.

The purpose of establishing this school is to make your child/ren globally competitive. This is done in a safe, loving and supportive school environment. We desire that children will pursue their passion as we guide them towards attain their dreams together.

The school ensures that every child attains world-class level of understanding through recognizing the wonders of Japan and its culture, applying Japanese and international events reading books from all over the world and playing in nature. We aim to support and produce children who are grown to be globally competent from Hiratsuka.